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One of the consequences of rising CO2 levels in our atmosphere is that levels also rise proportionately in the ocean, harming wildlife and changing ecosystems.ย  Heimdalย is a startup working to pull that CO2 back out at scale using renewable energy and producing carbon-negative industrial materials, including limestone for making concrete, in the process, and it has attracted significant funding even at its very early stage. If the concrete aspect seems like a bit of a non sequitur, consider two facts: concrete manufacturing is estimated to produce as much as 8% OF all greenhouse gas emissions, and seawater is full of...

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ย  Traditional power generation is not ideal for marine exploration challenges, but the solution may be in the waterโ€™s motion. Researchers have developed sphere-based triboelectric nanogenerators that can be incorporated directly into navigational buoys to provide electricity from ocean waves. To find a power source for buoys, look no further than the ocean itself. During theย AIP Publishing Horizons โ€” Energy Storage and Conversion virtual conference, which will be held August 4-6, 2021, Cรกtia Rodrigues, from the University of Porto, will discuss the prospects of using power generators in the ocean to address the energy concerns of marine exploration. The presentation,...

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