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Canada, carbon capture -

ย  Canada is pushing to provide incentives for at least two new massive carbon capture projects by 2030, a federal government document showed, with nearly a dozen oil and gas companies already pursuing rights to store carbon dioxide inย Albertaโ€™sย vast underground caverns. Canadaโ€™s four existing projects, representing 15 per cent of global facilities, currently capture 4 million tonnes per year, according to the Canadian government. The hubs to collect carbon from clusters of emitters would advance Prime Minister Justin Trudeauโ€™s goal of cutting emissions by 40-45 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030. The global oil industry is betting heavily that...

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carbon capture, oceans -

One of the consequences of rising CO2 levels in our atmosphere is that levels also rise proportionately in the ocean, harming wildlife and changing ecosystems.ย  Heimdalย is a startup working to pull that CO2 back out at scale using renewable energy and producing carbon-negative industrial materials, including limestone for making concrete, in the process, and it has attracted significant funding even at its very early stage. If the concrete aspect seems like a bit of a non sequitur, consider two facts: concrete manufacturing is estimated to produce as much as 8% OF all greenhouse gas emissions, and seawater is full of...

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carbon capture, carbon dioxide capture -

Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI and ETH Zurich have releasedย a new studyย investigating to what extent direct capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the ambient air can help to effectively remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.ย  The findings were impressive with some estimates stating up to 97% of greenhouse gas emissions could be captured. The scientists investigatedย a total of five different configurations for capturing CO2ย from the air at eight different locations around the world: Chile, Greece, Jordan, Mexico, Spain, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland. These measures do not forego the need to reduce emissions but are rather an alternative to...

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