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Ammonia (NH3) is a major component in fertilizer and a promising carbon-free energy carrier. However, ammonia production consumes around 2 percent of the world's total energy production and releases 500 Mt of carbon dioxide annually. A research team led by scientists at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) developed a new kind of photocatalyst that can produce ammonia from atmospheric nitrogen at room temperature using sunlight. This new method outperformed the conventional way which causes massive carbon emissions. The research team believed that such technology of sustainable ammonia production would advance the development of the future nitrogen economy. This research...

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As hydrogen ascends as a non-carbon based fuel, we see an increase in the different types and how they are produced. Here we present a list of the colours of hydrogen and how they fit into the mosaic of renewable fuelsย  From green to pink hydrogen, we reveal the rainbow of hydrogen colours and the different types of technology used to produce each. But isnโ€™t hydrogen a colourless gas? Yes,ย hydrogenย is an invisible gas. So, somewhat confusingly and despite their colourful descriptions, there is no visible difference between the different types of hydrogen. Why is a colourless gas given so many...

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