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Haiti, WATER -

Haitian team at GivePower's Solar Water Farm spearheads emergency response with World Hope International, Amazon, Community Organized Relief Effort, West Indies Self Help and World Central Kitchen to bring clean drinking water to 15,000 people per day ย  Haitian communities devastated by Saturday's earthquake are receiving critical clean water from a Haitian-led relief effort supported by the GivePower Foundation, World Hope International, Amazon, Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE), West Indies Self Help (WISH) and World Central Kitchen. The coalition will deliver 30,000 liters of water to hard-hit areas each day, providingย safe drinkingย water to roughly 15,000 people in need. ย  In...

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Nuclear Power Plant. Credit: Pixabay The power plants that provideย electricityย from fossil fuels or nuclear power consume huge amounts of water for cooling, which then goes to waste as water vapor. More than 65% of these plants use evaporative cooling, resulting in huge white plumes of steam billow from their cooling towers. While itโ€™s somewhat a relief to know itโ€™s not carbon dioxide or, worse, greenhouse gases, they do represent how much water is being consumed and, in some cases, even contribute to dangerous driving conditions. MITย engineers have developed a system that can harvest that water vapor and collect it as...

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Electricity, Energy, WATER -

ย  ย Gallery ย  Colombian renewable energy startup E-Dina has presented a solution that promises to improve the quality of life of communities without access to this vital resource, offering an energy alternative with the power to supply a great demand while taking care of the environment. The startup has developed a wireless lantern called WaterLight, that produces electrical energy from a renewable natural resource such as saltwater. Developed in collaboration with the Colombian division of creative agency Wunderman Thompson, WaterLight is a more reliable alternative to solar lamps in off-grid communities. The portable device needs to be filled with 500...

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