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Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd.ย has agreed to acquireย Millennial Lithium Corp.ย in an all-stock cash deal valued at around C$377 million ($297 million) as the the worldโ€™s largest maker of electric-vehicle batteries continues to pursue a strong supply of a key battery-making mineral. Ningde, Fujian-based CATL will pay C$3.85 per common share of Millennial, payable in cash, according to aย statementย Tuesday. That represents a premium of about 29% over Millennialโ€™s 20-day average closing price in Vancouver trading, according to the statement.ย  Bloomberg originally reported that CATL was theย mysterious bidderย for Vancouver-based Millennial, trumping a C$353 million offer by Ganfeng Lithium Co. made in July....

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ย  The American company Masten Space Systems has presented a plan for the extraction of ice on the Moon within the framework of NASAโ€™s Break the Ice Challenge. The company has developed a Rocket Mining System called ROCKET M (Resource Ore Concentrator using Kinetic Energy Targeted Mining) that uses an enclosed rocketย engineย and vacuum system to harvest water ice from the lunar surface. Designed in collaboration with Honeybee Robotics and Lunar Outpost, the new Rocket Minning System can rapidly extract frozen volatiles from the Moon. This method disrupts lunar soil with a series of rocket plumes that fluidize ice regolith by...

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Scientists at the Earth Sciences department of theย University of Oxfordย demonstrate how to directly extract valuable metals from hot salty fluids (brines) trapped in porous rocks at roughly 2km below dormant volcanoes. They propose that this green-mining approach will sustainably provide essential metals for a net-zero future. ย  Magma underneath volcanoes releases metal-rich gasses that ascend toward the surface. These gases separate into brine and steam as the pressure drops. Most of the dissolved metals in the original magmatic gas become concentrated in the dense brine, which gets trapped in porous rock. The less-dense and metal-depleted steam continues to rise to...

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