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This 2000 TEU autonomous container ship can be dynamically reconfigured at port including the replacement of infrastructure like power plant, bridge, and fuel systems. Rolls Royce Marine Electric Blue (2017) video here : ย  Kongsberg Maritimeโ€™s 2000 TEU container feeder concept adopts the principle of future-proofing from the bottom up, so that shipowners can invest in tomorrow by starting today ย Container vessels are vital to global commerce. However, the sustainability of transporting goods thousands of miles is also a key focus when considering the fragility of endangered ocean ecosystems. For these two opposing arguments to find resolution, it is...

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ย  ย  ย  ย  Following aย swan shaped mega yachtย from 2020,ย lazzarini design studioย returns with a 328-foot long (100-meter)ย superyachtย that features a private port for small tenders.ย called โ€˜saturniaโ€™, the superyacht concept is conceived to be built entirely with dry carbon fiber structures to make it 50% lighter than similar-sized vessels and to afford a top speed of 30 knots. images and videos courtesy ofย lazzarini design studio ย  ย  the main body of saturnia subdivides into five floors plus the top antenna area.ย the vessel can be configured into different layouts, accommodating between 10 and 20 guest suites and 20 crew members. the top deck...

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