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In the not-so-distant future, Earth had become a bustling hub of interstellar travel. The Starport Network, a marvel of human ingenuity, had revolutionized transportation across the globe. These state-of-the-art facilities dotted the planet, supporting fully reusable Starcraft that ran on either hydrogen or methane propellants. No longer were people confined to the slow, tedious travel of air or sea; now, they could traverse the planet in mere minutes. The SpaceX 'Point to Point' video,Β featuring an enlighteningΒ TED interview with Gwynne Shotwell, had been the catalyst for this transformation. In the video, Shotwell outlined the vision for the future of transportation, painting...

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"This, by the way, is very high on their top risk list." A senior NASA official said this week that SpaceX has done "very well" in working toward the development of a vehicle to land humans on the surface of the Moon, taking steps to address two of the space agency's biggest concerns. NASA selected SpaceX and Starship for its Human Landing System in April 2021. In some ways, this was the riskiest choice of NASA's options because Starship is a very large and technically advanced vehicle. However, because of the company's self-investment of billions of dollars into the project,...

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Starport Operations and Facilities Management Β  Β 

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As SpaceX continues to path find on Starship development and we can expect the production Starship to have different specifications and capabilities than these early versions. Β There have already beenΒ discussions about its successor and what features should be included in the final production versions.Β  Β  Starship 2023 & Stretch Starship: Tale of the tape Β  Specification Starship 2023 Stretch (%) Raptor Engines 6 9 150% Engine Thrust (t) 250 250 100% Seallevel Thrust (t) 1,500 2,250 150% Thrust to Weight (max payload) 107% 108% 101% Maximum Wet Mass (t) 1,400 2,080 149% Maximum Suborbital Payload (t) 100 600 600% Methane...

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In 2022, we have seen many successful launches but Starship development and the anticipation of its first orbital flight has held the space community transfixed. Β  As of August 6th,2022, SpaceX is still forecasting this flight (with the destination off Hawaii) will occur on August 31st, 2022 at midnight UTC. We have only to wait until the end of this month to see the results.#OrbitalStarflight#Starship#SpaceXΒ  Β 

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