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Giving ultimatums in relationships, especially for marriage, is not effective and can create conflict, as it prioritizes personal wants over love and can lead to a transactional approach to relationships Questions to inspire discussion Why are men struggling with the ultimatum of marriage? —Men feel pressured and compared to being in a situation where they are not attracted to the woman but want to have sex with her. Why do men become more aggressive in pursuing a sexual encounter? —Men don't see any other value in the relationship, so they become more aggressive in pursuing a sexual encounter. Why do...

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Corporate psychopaths in the workplace are prevalent and contribute to bullying behavior, leading to negative consequences for employees and organizations Questions to inspire discussion  Why is bullying in organizations widespread? —Bullying in organizations is widespread because companies often try to sweep it under the carpet, ignoring the ethical and financial reasons why it should not be ignored. What are the consequences of workplace bullying? —Workplace bullying leads to employees withdrawing, seeking other jobs, affecting their confidence and motivation, as well as the organization's growth. What is the similarity between corporate psychopaths and bullies? —People who enjoy hurting others and display...

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Are you or someone you know struggling with porn addiction? Do you wonder how to quit porn effectively? To quit porn addiction, we need to understand the root causes of porn addiction first. This is a tough subject to talk about, which is why we made this video.

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