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In the evolving discourse of gender and sexual rights, an important distinction is often glossed over - that of sex and gender. While sex, a biological categorization based on human genetics, has been the traditional basis for laws and societal norms, gender - a mental construct embodying an individual's understanding of their identity and expression - is increasingly influencing policy and legal discussions. This blurring of lines between biological sex and mental conceptualizations of gender raises important concerns.  Sexual rights and the prohibition of sexual discrimination have been the bedrock of many historical human rights advancements. These are rooted in...

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As we navigate through the complex labyrinth of sex and gender, it is important to clarify and differentiate between these two concepts. Sex, a biological reality, is rooted in human genetics, determining whether one is male or female based on physical characteristics and reproductive roles. On the other hand, gender is a construct of the mind, a self-perception and expression that may not align with one's biological sex.  While the freedom from sexual discrimination, which is necessarily biologically based, can be universally implemented, the case for gender identity and expression, as mental conceptualizations, is more complex. Use biological sex for...

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