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Autism Spectrum, cobots, Social Robots, Storytelling -

Orbit, an interactive robot, helps teach children on the autism spectrum to develop social appropriateness and emotion via storytelling, physical interaction, and visual communication. The hand-sized robot smiles and encourages users to press a button on its back, reacting with a beaming smile if pressed gently, and with a sad face if the interaction is too hard. “Hey there. Allow me to introduce you to your new companion, Orbit, a robot you can play with and listen to. Not only can Orbit hear you, they can feel you too.” “Oh no, it looks like you pressed too hard, Orbit is...

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AI, AI Models, Artificial Cognition, Bias Compensation, Ethical AI, Twitter -

Bias in AI systems is proving to be a major stumbling block in efforts to more broadly integrate the technology into our society. A new initiative that will reward researchers for finding any prejudices in AI systems could help solve the problem. The effort is modeled on the bug bounties that software companies pay to cybersecurity experts who alert them of any potential security flaws in their products. The idea isn’t a new one; “bias bounties” were first proposed by AI researcher and entrepreneur JB Rubinovitz back in 2018, and various organizations have already run such challenges. But the new effort seeks to create...

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Fundamental problems elude many strains of deep learning, says LeCun, including the mystery of how to measure information.   "I think AI systems need to be able to reason," says Yann LeCun, Meta's chief AI scientist. Today's popular AI approaches such as Transformers, many of which build upon his own pioneering work in the field, will not be sufficient. "You have to take a step back and say, Okay, we built this ladder, but we want to go to the moon, and there's no way this ladder is going to get us there," says LeCun.   Yann LeCun, chief AI scientist of...

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AI Models, Ignite 2022, Real-Time Inferencing, Scalability -

Simplifying and accelerating AI model development workflows is hugely valuable, whether you have an army of data scientists or just a few developers. From adapting a model to fit your use-case to optimizing it for production deployment - it is a complex and iterative process. In this session, we'll show how easy it is to train and optimize an object detection model with NVIDIA TAO, a low-code AI toolkit, and deploy it for inference using the NVIDIA Triton Inference Server on Azure ML. AI captioning languages supported: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese Simplified, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, French Canadian, German, Greek,...

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AI, Artificial Cognition, Ignite 2022 -

Microsoft Azure announced a variety of enhancements across its AI services at Ignite 2022. The company says the updates will help people “work smarter, not harder by bringing more intelligence, insights and value to the hands of customers.” The product updates include new innovations in Azure Applied AI Services to help customers automate mundane tasks and serve end-users in multiple languages worldwide; updates to Azure Cognitive Services to “enrich and simplify” the creation of AI apps with pre-built models and text-to-image generation; and new capabilities in Azure Machine Learning that boost the productivity of developers and data scientists of all skill levels, and help...

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