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    The Inevitable Shift towards Machine Labor Impact Multiplier of Artificial Cognition and Synthetic Minds Economic Benefits of Cognition and Embodied Services Addressing Displacement with UBI Funded with Cognitive Services Impact Multipliers Navigating the Future with AI, Robotics, and UBI  Introduction In the context of the inevitable shift from human labor to machines, particularly in the realm of cognitive and physical tasks, the introduction of advanced technologies like Tesla's Optimus robot and the development of artificial cognition and synthetic minds carry profound implications. The Inevitable Shift towards Machine Labor The transition from human to machine labor in both cognitive...

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Most analysts are creating spreadsheets that only take wages, add 35% and figure the bot might be able to replace 3 to 4 workers if working at the same speed.
In this video we show that there are at least a dozen other ways that the bot saves a manufacturer in very tangible financial ways. While it is a rough estimate, the number is likely at least twice as much as the wages.

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Welcome to the thrilling world of autonomous fabrication, where the only constant is change, and the speed of that change is akin to a caffeinated cheetah on a treadmill. This blog focuses on revolutionizing the iteration cycle in autonomous fabrication, emphasizing the need for rapid and efficient transitions from design to deployment. The overarching theme is the synergy between advanced technology and a transformative mindset in manufacturing, aiming for smarter, more sustainable, and compliant operations. Top Twenty Five In this post, we'll dive into the multifaceted aspects that contribute to shrinking the iteration cycle from design to deployment - a...

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Introduction     #Psychoeconomics #PricesLaw #Economics #Enhance The statistical patterns governing creativity, productivity, and the distribution of work are deeply fascinating and contain surprising implications for individual development and societal functioning. A prime example of this lies in the enigmatic Price's Law. Derived from the realm of work in scientometrics by Derek J. de Solla Price, this law proposes that half of all contributions are made by the square root of the total number of contributors. In the modern-day context, we might say that a few productive individuals within a group contribute a majority of the output.      ...

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AGI and automation will lead to the destruction of all human jobs within 5 to 20 years, with potential implications for various sectors and the economy  Questions to inspire discussion What is the frontier of automation? —The frontier of automation refers to the increasing task complexity that machines are capable of, with the potential for AI to eventually subsume all human task complexity. Will machines surpass human capacities? —Yes, machines, including AGI, AI, robots, and automation, will eventually surpass all human capacities, leading to the destruction of all jobs within 5 to 20 years. What are the potential implications for...

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