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As SpaceX continues to path find on Starship development and we can expect the production Starship to have different specifications and capabilities than these early versions. ย There have already beenย discussions about its successor and what features should be included in the final production versions.ย  ย  Starship 2023 & Stretch Starship: Tale of the tape ย  Specification Starship 2023 Stretch (%) Raptor Engines 6 9 150% Engine Thrust (t) 250 250 100% Seallevel Thrust (t) 1,500 2,250 150% Thrust to Weight (max payload) 107% 108% 101% Maximum Wet Mass (t) 1,400 2,080 149% Maximum Suborbital Payload (t) 100 600 600% Methane...

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