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RETHINKX - Rethinking Climate Change Report ย A great summary by "Just Have A Think" of the work ofย Tony Sebaย and James Arbib atย RethinkX EXTRA DEEP DIVE DISCUSSION WITH IPCC SCIENTISTS 16.8.21 In an extraordinarily candid interview with Dr. Alison Green, Sir Robert Watson and Dr. James Dyke reflect on the IPCC AR6 report on the physical science of climate change, published on August 9th. They both stress the need for urgent action at the CoP in Glasgow in November 2021, and for honesty about what governments will actually do between 2021 and 2030.

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The smokestack of a ship might help us deal with spiking levels of methane. Byย Bill McKibben Iโ€™veย long feltย that one of my great failings as a climate communicator has come in trying to get across the dangers posed by methane, the second most damaging greenhouse gas, after carbon dioxide. Despite long years of many people trying to underscore the risks of methane, our go-to shorthand for climate pollution remains โ€œcarbon.โ€ Thatโ€™s why companies and political leaders boast about how much theyโ€™ve reduced their carbon emissions, but, if they managed the trick by substituting gas for coal, their total contribution to global...

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MIT Predicted in 1972 That Society Will Collapse This Century. New Research Shows Weโ€™re on Schedule A 1972 MIT study predicted that rapid economic growth would lead to societal collapse in the mid 21st century. A new paper shows weโ€™re unfortunately right on schedule. A remarkable new study by a director at one of the largest accounting firms in the world has found that a famous, decades-old warning from MIT about the risk of industrial civilization collapsing appears to be accurate based on new empirical data. ย  As the world looks forward to a rebound in economic growth following the...

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