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Around 80% of the volume of international trade in goods is carried by sea, and the percentage is even higher for most developing countries. The cargo ships that transport these goods are a massive source of pollution, and we have seenย some interesting ideas to reduce their emissions, such asย massive sailsย andย hydrogen powertrains. Now, a Netherlands-based company, Zero Emission Services (ZES), has put the Alphenaar, the first Dutch inland ship, into operation that uses interchangeable energy containers as batteries. Zero Emission Services (ZES) has started operations on 6 September 2021 with the Alphenaar, the first Dutch inland vessel to use interchangeable energy...

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The ferry that takes travellers between Billy Bishop Airport and downtown Toronto is about to become 100% electric โ€” the first ferry service in Canada to do so. On Thursday, Ports Toronto transported the Marilyn Bell I ferry from the airport to the DryDock facility on Queens Quay, where the vessel will undergo the final phase of its conversion to electric power. The ferry, in its fully electric lithium-iron-powered form, will be back in service in late 2021. This will mark a significant milestone in PortTorontoโ€™s commitment to the environment, the ferry operator says. ย  โ€œThe new propulsion system for...

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