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The writingโ€™s been on the wall for coal for awhile, and in 2020, it just couldnโ€™t compete with renewable energy when it came to new installations. Fossil fuels lost more ground to wind and solar in 2020 ย  Thatโ€™s according to aย new reportย by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), which found that 62 per cent of renewable energy capacity that came online last year cost less to install than the cheapest fossil fuel option. In real terms, thatโ€™s a total of 162 GW that was cheaper to install than coal, around double what it was in 2019. The costs of...

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As hydrogen ascends as a non-carbon based fuel, we see an increase in the different types and how they are produced. Here we present a list of the colours of hydrogen and how they fit into the mosaic of renewable fuelsย  From green to pink hydrogen, we reveal the rainbow of hydrogen colours and the different types of technology used to produce each. But isnโ€™t hydrogen a colourless gas? Yes,ย hydrogenย is an invisible gas. So, somewhat confusingly and despite their colourful descriptions, there is no visible difference between the different types of hydrogen. Why is a colourless gas given so many...

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For renewable energy and energy storage technologies, variation is the name of the game. ย  The intensity of the natural resources that provide renewable energy varies from day to day, as well as season to season. Spring brings high winds to scour the deserts and fills rivers with snowmelt. Summer is synonymous with long sunlit hours before the days shorten as fall transitions into winter. We need a multitude of ways to store renewable energy that match how we use it, from batteries to fuel cells. Batteries work well for shorter duration storage, on the order of hours to days....

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