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data centers, Norway, sustainability -

The Norwegian government has updated its strategy for all data centres across the country, to include new measures on sustainable growth and job creation. Titledย Norwegian data centres โ€“ sustainable, digital power centresย the government said its new strategy is part of a "commitment to digitalisation and the data-driven economy". Outlining six points of action the government has committed to: strengthen promotion of the country, for example through Invest in Norway; publish English language business guides for foreign investors; implement requirements for operators to "investigate" use of surplus heat; create a heat map to support measure three; work with a public committee...

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sustainability, Tesla -

Tesla is building a new 218-home luxury development in Florida with solar roofs, batteries, and EV chargers,ย Yahoo! Newsย reports. Centaur US Holdings is developing the new community,ย Panther National, around a golf course in Palm Beach. The golf course was designed by Jack Nicklaus, a famous retired professional golfer. The community will cover 2,400 acres. Max Strang, a world-renowned architect based out of Miami, will design the homes. ย Panther Nationalย announcedย in July that it was partnering with Tesla Energy to install rooftop solar power systems and Powerwalls, and stated that Teslaโ€™s vision aligns with its own. The aim here is for luxury lifestyle...

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green mining, sustainability -

Scientists at the Earth Sciences department of theย University of Oxfordย demonstrate how to directly extract valuable metals from hot salty fluids (brines) trapped in porous rocks at roughly 2km below dormant volcanoes. They propose that this green-mining approach will sustainably provide essential metals for a net-zero future. ย  Magma underneath volcanoes releases metal-rich gasses that ascend toward the surface. These gases separate into brine and steam as the pressure drops. Most of the dissolved metals in the original magmatic gas become concentrated in the dense brine, which gets trapped in porous rock. The less-dense and metal-depleted steam continues to rise to...

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