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A project exploring the possibility of launching a green hydrogen-fuelled autonomous submarine between Scotland and Northern Ireland has been named as a winner in the UK Governmentโ€™s Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition. Led by Oceanways Technologies, the modular submarines would be able to perform multiple marine missions, but the first target market will be to ship cargo with 0kg CO2 emissions within the UK and between its trade partners. Named as one of 55 winners in the competition, the project ย could help cleanse the oceans of toxic pollution by collecting microplastics on its pilot route between Glasgow and Belfast. The ยฃ23m...

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Theย research has been published in the journal Advanced Energy Materialsย and details how the researchers used leading innovations in next-generation โ€˜tandemโ€™ solar cells, combined with advances in electrolysis techniques to achieve a solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency of greater than 20 per cent. The researchers used low cost silicon-perovskite โ€˜tandemโ€™ solar cells optimised for the production of hydrogen, which combined two types of solar cells layered on top of each other to achieve a combined efficiency of 24.3 per cent โ€“ an efficiency higher than most conventional silicon solar cells. The team then combined the high-efficiency tandem solar cells with low-cost catalyst materials...

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Hokkaido facility to churn out enough clean fuel for 10,000 vehicles ย  Japan's largest hydrogen plant powered by offshore wind energy is set to open on the northern island of Hokkaido as part of a national effort to slash carbon dioxide emissions. Scheduled to begin operation as early as the year ending March 2024, the plant will produce up to roughly 550 tons of hydrogen a year -- enough to fuel more than 10,000 hydrogen vehicles, according to plans. The effort represents a step toward creating a homegrown supply of hydrogen that is "green," or made using renewable energy. Green...

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