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Crewed space missions call for colossal engineering projects. ย  Case in point, researchers in China are investigating the possibility of assembling a spacecraft in orbit. The project is part of the nation's ambitions to expand space exploration, which encompasses crewed missions operating on long-term timescales. ย  The proposal from the National Natural Science Foundation of China calls for an analysis of the mechanics of constructing an "ultra-large spacecraft spanning kilometers", according to an initial report from the South China Morning Post. ย  In other words, China just told the world it's interested in building a spacecraft that is miles long....

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Project name:ย The Cloudscape of Haikou MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong, has announced the opening of theย Cloudscape of Haikouย on the southern tip ofย China. A unique urban public and cultural space for citizens and visitors to Haikou, this flowing, sculptural concrete form was named as one of the โ€œmost anticipated architecture projects of 2021โ€ by The Times of London. A prominent port city on the southern tip of China, Haikou was once an important stop on the Maritime Silk Road. With the establishment of the Hainan International Tourism Island and Hainan Free Trade Zone, Haikou's influence has seen a gradual resurgence...

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