Tesla (TSLA) announces record deliveries in Q2 2021: 201,250 delivered, 206,421 produced

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Tesla (TSLA) announces record deliveries in Q2 2021: 201,250 delivered, 206,421 produced

Tesla has confirmed that it managed to build 206,421 vehicles and deliver 201,250 electric cars in Q2 2021 – a new record for the electric automaker.


As we previously reported, the expectations for Tesla this quarter were kind of all over the place since it has been known that the company was facing some important supply chain challenges in Q2.

Delays in bringing the new Model S to market created a backlog at the end of the quarter, and on top of that, over 10,000 vehicles were put on a containment hold in May, which delayed many deliveries until Tesla was able to push its new computer vision system.

It resulted in June and especially the very end of the quarter potentially making a very important difference in the overall delivery results for the quarter.

Lately, Tesla had been breaking new delivery records every quarter, 185,000 vehicles were the record last quarter, but some analysts predicted that those issues could result in Tesla delivering fewer vehicles in Q2.

However, the Wall Street consensus was a more optimistic 200,000-vehicle delivered in Q2.

Tesla Q2 2021 delivery and production results

Today, Tesla announced its delivery and production results for the second quarter 2022 and confirmed another delivery record of 201,250:

  Production Deliveries Subject to operating lease accounting
Model S/X 2,340 1,890 18%
Model 3/Y 204,081 199,360 7%
Total 206,421 201,250 7%

The automaker acknowledged “global supply chain and logistics challenges” in its brief press release about the results:

“In the second quarter, we produced and delivered over 200,000 vehicles.  Our teams have done an outstanding job navigating through global supply chain and logistics challenges.”

It’s the first time Tesla achieved over 200,000 vehicle deliveries in a single quarter and the slightly beat Wall Street expectations.

Notably, Tesla managed to deliver 1,890 new Model S vehicles during the quarter. These are units of the updated version of the electric sedan revealed in January.

Deliveries had been delayed several times before starting just a few weeks before the end of the quarter.




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