Tesla’s Grohmann facility expansion in Germany is nearing completion

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Tesla’s Grohmann facility expansion in Germany is nearing completion

The Tesla Grohmann facility has been undergoing a massive expansion over the past few months.

And in true Tesla fashion, the progress of the Prüm site’s buildout has been nothing but quick.


Back in early May, Tesla Model 3 owner and EV advocate @Humpidumpi2 shared some images of the ongoing work at the Tesla Grohmann site.

At the time, the construction area only had a few prefabricated columns. 


A later trip to the site just a few weeks later showed that the Grohmann site’s expansion had hit its pace. Apart from columns, some floors were also being set up. The site was busy with numerous heavy equipment operating in the area. Interestingly enough, dozens of job openings for the Prüm facility were online at the time, suggesting that Tesla was looking to expand the facility’s headcount in the coming months. 

Recent videos of the Tesla Grohmann Automation site taken this June suggests that the facility is now nearing completion. Based on footage of the facility, the exterior of the new Tesla Grohmann Automation facility is all but finished, with walls and windows already set in place. It would then not be surprising if work in the site had progressed to its interior, where equipment that would produce the “machine that makes the machine” would be installed. 

Considering that Tesla Grohmann Automation is responsible for the production of machines that the company uses to manufacture key components of its vehicles, the upcoming facility in the Prüm site would likely be very busy in the near future. This would likely be the case, especially as factories like Gigafactory Berlin and Gigafactory Texas begin their operations. Tesla Grohmann Automation would likely be busy manufacturing equipment that would help Tesla ramp the production of its 4680 cells as well. 

Watch some recent footage of Tesla’s Grohmann Automation site in the video below. 





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