Tesla Releases the FSD Beta V9.1 Update, Another Step Closer to Full Autonomy

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Tesla Releases the FSD Beta V9.1 Update, Another Step Closer to Full Autonomy



As Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised, the FSD Beta update came on time. The company has begun rolling out FSD Beta V9.1, which is already showing great improvements.

At the end of last week, Musk announced that a new version of FSD Beta would be released at the end of the following week. The company delivered on its promise and started rolling out the update on time. This can be a confirmation that at the moment, FSD Beta is working according to plan and Tesla is satisfied with the results.

There is no new information about the improvements in the release notes. As before, Tesla informs drivers that they must be as careful as possible during testing and to not forget that this is only a test version that requires their constant supervision and immediate intervention, if necessary. As described, improvements have been made to the driving visualization, which is now smoother. In addition, testers note that FSD Beta has become more confident and requires even less driver intervention than before.

New videos show that the car handles turns of varying difficulty. James Locke/YouTube noticed some improvements in approaching stop signs and traffic lights. James notes that throughout the testing, he only needed to press the accelerator at a stop sign once, and felt it was an insignificant issue.


With each new update, Tesla is getting closer to full autonomy. At the moment, according to the standards of The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Tesla is at Level 2 of Autonomy, because driving a car requires constant driver supervision.

However, the company's progress towards autonomy will soon begin to accelerate significantly, thanks to the creation of powerful supercomputers (such as Dojo) and the rapid expansion of the fleet of vehicles that transmit millions of miles of data to the company. Soon, at some point in time, Tesla will begin the transition from Level 2 to Level 5, rapidly reaching new heights along the way.




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