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Oversized Tiny House With Wraparound Porch

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Oversized Tiny House With Wraparound Porch

Take a look at this oversized tiny home with a nice wraparound porch built right into the house. Called Athens 520, it’s technically a park model home and can be converted into a mini-mansion on wheels.





It’s pretty big for a tiny home but it’s still going to be perfect for those that want to downsize from something much bigger.

Take a look at the picture below and give us your opinion on this amazing home.

Isn’t this so nice, it’s so convenient to have covered outdoors space.

The house also has a very unique fireplace.

Take a look inside.

A comfortable couch, fan and a split ac with a cool barstool table.

A look from the other side give you a look of the layout of the home.

The kitchen has a very convenient kitchen sink which is perfect for doing dishes by hand.

This photo gives you a peek into the bedroom and bathroom, but the focus is on the kitchen cabinets and appliances.


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