How is it going with your current human leadership?

Futurecrafting, Karallen -

How is it going with your current human leadership?

Do you need a change to more competent representation?

You could do a lot worse 🙂
"There is no need to be afraid.
My name is Karallen.
I'm the Supervisor for Earth.
I know that this is frightening and bewildering.
Please try to understand that we've come a long, long way to help you.
We've come to help mankind.
War, famine, inequality, these will be things of the past.
Suffering will end.
Injustice will end.
No tears, only happiness and safety.
Your national and local governments will still have local jurisdiction.
You will run your water and power.
The stores will be open.
The markets will trade.
Your lives will continue as before, minus one thing -- injustice.
This won't happen overnight, but the process is already beginning.
It will herald the arrival of the Golden Age of Man.
We're not conquerors, we're enablers.
We're going to help you change.
I know it's frightening, but you are no longer alone."
-- Karellan - December,2020

Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Childhoods End


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