9 of the coolest products you can buy to soup up your Tesla

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9 of the coolest products you can buy to soup up your Tesla

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Off the line, Teslas have some of the most cutting edge technology, but there are still plenty of aftermarket accessories designed to soup up these state-of-the-art, electric vehicles. From turning your sporty wheels into a glorified bed or traveling with a portable refrigerator in your trunk, there are plenty of options to make your Tesla stand out even more.


If you want to take your Tesla camping with you: 


Luno Air Mattress 2.0, $329.99 on LunoLife.com (free shipping on orders over $200)

Turn your car into a place to catch z’s with this inflatable mattress that creates a comfortable sleeping surface inside your Tesla (simply put in the model and year to find the right fit for you). Each dual-side mattress sleeps two people (with the seats folded flat) and is made from 300-denier Oxford fabric that fully inflates in just a few minutes using the included electric air pump.


LEARN MORE: Luno Air Mattress 2.0, $329.99 on LunoLife.com (free shipping on orders over $200)


If you want cold drinks in the car: Portable 20 Quart Refrigerator Freezer, $239.99 on Amazon



Pack a party in your trunk and keep your goods chilled while you’re on the road. Store drinks, perishables, cheese, ice cream and snacks in this portable refrigerator that fits in the trunk of a Tesla Model 3, X and Y. An aluminum alloy chamber allows it to cool from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit in just 15 minutes using the max (fast cooling) or eco (energy saving) modes. 


LEARN MORE: Portable 20 Quart Refrigerator Freezer, $239.99 on Amazon


If you want sleek, wireless charging: Taptes Wireless Charger, $27.99 on Amazon



Keep up to two phones charged in a Tesla Model 3 using a wireless charger pad that’s equipped with dual USB ports, a clear charging indicator and a bottom wall bar that keeps your phone upright and secure while you drive, all without the mess of tangled cords and charging cables.

LEARN MORE: Taptes Wireless Charger, $27.99 on Amazon


If you want to wear your key, instead of carrying it: Tesla Smart Key Ring, $119.99 on Amazon


The original Tesla Model 3 key card chip sits inside this ring you can wear on your finger instead of keeping track of your traditional Tesla key cards and fobs. You won’t need to worry about your phone being out of range, out of battery or not with you when you wear this Zirconia ceramics ring that can unlock and operate your vehicle.


LEARN MORE: Tesla Smart Key Ring, $119.99 on Amazon


If you like to put the pedal to the metal, literally: Topfit Non-Slip Performance Foot Pedals, $31.99


Customize your Model 3 or Model Y with these non-slip aluminum and rubber performance pedals. They’re easy to install and provide a sturdy grip for when you show the road what your Tesla’s all about. With 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and more than 1,100 ratings, each package comes with one accelerator pedal and one brake pedal.


LEARN MORE: Topfit Non-Slip Performance Foot Pedals, $31.99

If you want to cut down on clutter: Basenor Center Console Organizer (hides in the armrest), $16.45 on Amazon


Designed specifically for Tesla’s Model 3 and Y vehicles, this center console box hides underneath the armrest and provides adequate secret storage for small items. No tools are required to install the organizer, which can hold a driver’s license, wallet, credit cards, iPhone adapter, key cards or any other tiny trinkets you want to hide from plain site.


LEARN MORE: Basenor Center Console Organizer, $16.45 on Amazon


If you need to work from your car: Steering Wheel Desk for Eating or Working, $11.99 on Amazon


Pandemic life has given us more opportunities to eat and work remotely — and sometimes that means from our cars. This lightweight tray that connects to the steering wheel and provides a flat surface that doubles as a desk that holds a laptop or notepad, or as a tray to hold your lunch so you can spare your lap from any spills.


LEARN MORE: Steering Wheel Desk for Eating or Working, $11.99 on Amazon


If you want to keep your car clean: Model 3 Trash Can with LED lights, $18.99


Trash doesn’t have to be ugly in a Tesla. This custom designed bag comes with an LED light and attaches to the back of the front passenger seat and has scored 4.6 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and nearly 600 reviews.


LEARN MORE: Model 3 Trash Can with LED lights, $18.99


If you want to breathe cleaner air: XTechnor Air Filter HEPA 2-Pack with Activated Carbon, $49.99 on Amazon


This HEPA air filter promises to keep filter out some of the dust and particles from entering the vehicle cabin. A high-density electrostatic electret filter and honeycomb design provide filtering power for peace of mind and a breath of fresh air while you cruise.

LEARN MORE: XTechnor Air Filter HEPA 2-Pack with Activated Carbon, $49.99 on Amazon



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