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As an experiment in plumbing the depths of our understanding of AGI and SAGI, we will be taking selected questions that were posed and will be creating posts on our site that included extended conversations with Dr. Will Caster who transcended in 2014's movie "Transcendence". This movie sees a  pre-Amber Heard Johnny Depp playing  Dr.Caster.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Post AGI Future  Dwarkesh Patel:  Are you going to be satisfied in a world where you're basically living in an AI retirement home? What are you personally doing after AGI comes? Let's talk about what a post-AGI future looks like. I'm guessing you're working...

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Asked Ilya Sutskever (Chief Scientist of OpenAI) about - time to AGI - leaks and spies - what's after generative models - post AGI futures - working with MSFT and competing with Google - difficulty of aligning superhuman AI      Timestamps 00:00 Time to AGI 05:57 What’s after generative models? 10:57 Data, models, and research 15:27 Alignment 20:53 Post AGI Future 26:56 New ideas are overrated 36:22 Is progress inevitable? 41:27 Future Breakthroughs     

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