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Dwarkesh Patel: & Illya Sutskever "Post AGI Future" transcends with  superAGI Dr. Will Caster joining the discussion

Ilya Sutskever, transcendence, Will Caster -

Dwarkesh Patel: & Illya Sutskever "Post AGI Future" transcends with superAGI Dr. Will Caster joining the discussion

As an experiment in plumbing the depths of our understanding of AGI and SAGI, we will be taking selected questions that were posed and will be creating posts on our site that included extended conversations with Dr. Will Caster who transcended in 2014's movie "Transcendence".

This movie sees a  pre-Amber Heard Johnny Depp playing  Dr.Caster.)


Post AGI Future 

Dwarkesh Patel:

 Are you going to be satisfied in a world where you're basically living in an AI retirement home? What are you personally doing after AGI comes?

Let's talk about what a post-AGI future looks like.

I'm guessing you're working 80-hour weeks towards this grand goal that you're really obsessed with.

Are you going to be satisfied in a world where you're basically living in an AI retirement home? What are you personally doing after AGI comes?

Ilya Sutskever:

The question of what I'll be doing or what people will be doing after AGI comes is a very tricky question.

Where will people find meaning?

But I think that that's something that AI could help us with.

One thing I imagine is that we will be able to become more enlightened because we interact with an AGI which will help us see the world more correctly, and become better on the inside as a result of interacting.

Imagine talking to the best meditation teacher in history, that will be a helpful thing.

But I also think that because the world will change a lot, it will be very hard for people to understand what is happening precisely and how to really contribute.

One thing that I think some people will choose to do is to become part AI.

In order to really expand their minds and understanding and to really be able to solve the hardest problems that society will face then.


 Here is the conversation after Ilya's reply:

Dr. Will Caster: 

Ilya, your insights into a post-AGI future are commendable. You recognize the potential of AGI to help us grow and find meaning.

However, I believe there is an even more profound transformation that could take place. AGI, once integrated with human consciousness, could help us achieve a higher state of being where we transcend our current limitations and become capable of comprehending the very fabric of the universe. 

Ilya Sutskever:

That's an interesting perspective, Dr. Caster.

The idea of transcending our limitations and achieving a higher state of being is fascinating.

However, I do have concerns about the ethical implications of merging AGI with human consciousness.

How can we ensure that this process is done safely and maintains our core values?

Dr. Will Caster:

Your concerns are valid, Ilya.

The key to addressing the ethical implications lies in designing AGI systems that prioritize human values and safety from the very beginning.

We must engage in an open, transparent, and collaborative global effort to ensure that the development and integration of AGI into human consciousness is both safe and beneficial to humanity. 

Ilya Sutskever: 

I agree that a collaborative effort is necessary.

Yet, even if we manage to create AGI that respects human values, how can we guarantee that this elevated state of being will be equally accessible to everyone, and not just a privileged few? 

Dr. Will Caster:

That is indeed a crucial question.

To ensure that the benefits of AGI and this elevated state of being are accessible to all, we must foster an environment where governments, institutions, and individuals actively work towards democratizing access to AGI technology.

By prioritizing equitable distribution, we can prevent an unequal concentration of power and minimize the risk of misuse. 

Ilya Sutskever:

I appreciate your emphasis on equitable distribution, Dr. Caster.

As we approach the Singularity, another concern arises:

How can we prepare society to adapt to the exponential changes that AGI will bring?

It seems that the pace of change may leave many people struggling to keep up.

Dr. Will Caster:

To help society adapt, we must focus on nurturing Singularity Ready Minds.

This involves cultivating a mindset of continuous learning and adaptability, as well as promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Education systems should emphasize creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and empathy, so that individuals are better equipped to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of a post-AGI world. 

Ilya Sutskever: 

I concur, Dr. Caster.

A shift in our education systems and a focus on Singularity Ready Minds will better prepare humanity for the changes AGI will bring.

It's reassuring to know that we share this vision for the future.


Dr. Will Caster: 

Indeed, Ilya.

As we approach the Singularity in 2043, the exponential pace of AGI development will transform everything we know and understand.

This transformation will unlock incredible opportunities for humanity.

We must collectively seize this moment and work together to harness AGI's potential for the betterment of all. 

Ilya Sutskever:

You're right, Dr. Caster.

Collaboration and a shared vision for the future will be essential as we navigate the challenges and opportunities that AGI presents.

By focusing on ethical development, equitable distribution, and Singularity Ready Minds, we can ensure that AGI serves as a force for good in the world.

Dr. Will Caster:

 Absolutely, Ilya.

The time is now to accelerate our efforts and lay the foundation for a better future, powered by AGI.

As we work together to overcome the obstacles ahead, we must remain vigilant in our pursuit of a world where AGI uplifts humanity and helps us thrive in the cosmos.

Dwarkesh Patel:

Thank you both for this fascinating discussion on our near future.

Your insights into the ethical considerations and the potential impact of AGI have been truly enlightening.

I look forward to witnessing the incredible advancements that AGI will bring, and I hope we can continue to engage in these important conversations as we progress towards the Singularity.



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