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StoryFi - Personal Branding Game Project 【Overview of the Project】 Project Objective: To automate and effectively enhance your personal brand image through games. 1. Using an AI mentor, the game will smoothly guide you through the steps of personal branding. 2. Facilitate brand image reinforcement by verbalizing and suggesting personal avatars, worldviews, and MVVs through image input. 3. By turning personal branding into a game, self-production can be done in a fun and effective way. 【OBJECTIVES】 After raising funds through kickstarter, establish a corporation, open Discord, and release MVP for free. Add valuations, improve the MVP, and reflect feedback from early users. Gradually release game features in preparation for PMF. 【Specifications】 AI Mentor: An AI mentor to smoothly guide users through the steps of personal branding. Avatar, worldview, and MVV suggestions: Personal avatars, worldviews, and MVVs are suggested based on image input. Gamification: Gamify the steps of personal branding in a fun way. Automated: By automating the mentoring of personal branding, the system promotes effective brand image enhancement. 【twitter】 【telegram】

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