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    Dr Alan D. Thompson is a world expert in artificial intelligence (AI), specialising in the augmentation of human intelligence, and advancing the evolution of ‘integrated AI’. Alan’s applied AI research and visualisations are featured across major international media, including citations in the University of Oxford’s debate on AI Ethics in December 2021.

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Visual ChatGPT: Talking, Drawing and Editing with Visual Foundation Models Chenfei Wu, Shengming Yin, Weizhen Qi, Xiaodong Wang, Zecheng Tang, Nan Duan ChatGPT is attracting a cross-field interest as it provides a language interface with remarkable conversational competency and reasoning capabilities across many domains. However, since ChatGPT is trained with languages, it is currently not capable of processing or generating images from the visual world. At the same time, Visual Foundation Models, such as Visual Transformers or Stable Diffusion, although showing great visual understanding and generation capabilities, they are only experts on specific tasks with one-round fixed inputs and outputs....

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CSAIL lectures with Sebastien Bubeck (April 6,2023) The new wave of AI systems, ChatGPT and its more powerful successors, exhibit extraordinary capabilities across a broad swath of domains. In light of this, we discuss whether artificial INTELLIGENCE has arrived.

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