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To assess our approach, we evaluate the agent's ability to complete decision-making tasks in AlfWorld environments and knowledge-intensive, search-based question-and-answer tasks in HotPotQA environments. We observe success rates of 97% and 51%, respectively, and provide a discussion on the emergent property of self-reflection. Recent advancements in decision-making large language model (LLM) agents have demonstrated impressive performance across various benchmarks. However, these state-of-the-art approaches typically necessitate internal model fine-tuning, external model fine-tuning, or policy optimization over a defined state space. Implementing these methods can prove challenging due to the scarcity of high-quality training data or the lack of well-defined state space....

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On this day, March 15, Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BCE. It is known as the Ides of March. If Caesar had been aware of the impending conspiracy against him and the danger he was in, he might have said something along the lines of:  "Friends, Romans, countrymen, let us be ever vigilant, for the Ides of March have come, and treachery hides in the shadows. Let us work together for the good of Rome, fostering unity and harmony, so that we may overcome the forces that seek to divide and weaken us. In the pursuit of greatness, let...

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