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To harness our collective biologic and artificial knowledge and compensate for undesirable biases in organizations, we can follow a multi-faceted approach that combines various disciplines to create applications that foster ethical decision-making and maximize future opportunities. To use our collective knowledge of the natural and social sciences to detect and compensate for undesirable organizational thinking, social norms, and biases, and to develop applications that use best practices from various disciplines, we can follow a multi-disciplinary approach. By following this multi-step approach, organizations can tap into the collective knowledge of various disciplines, effectively address biases, and ethically maximize their future options...

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Abstract  This paper explores the integration of collective knowledge from natural and social sciences to identify and counteract undesirable community thinking, social norms, and various biases.   We propose a framework that combines neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and physics to develop applications aimed at enlightening communities and ethically maximizing their future options.  The ultimate goal is to create a better life for community members by fostering a culture of open-mindedness, inclusivity, and ethical decision-making.     Introduction  1.1. Background and motivation  1.2. Objectives and scope    Identifying Undesirable Community Thinking and Biases  2.1. Cognitive biases and their impact on communities  2.2. National, social, political,...

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