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Artificial General Intelligence raises significant concerns about the possible repercussions of granting an AI that much power   Tech entrepreneur, and developer, Siqi Chen's claims that GPT-5 "will" achieve Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) by the end of this year have caused a stir in the AI world. This advancement in AI technology may have far-reaching effects if the claim is accurate. "I have been told that gpt5 is scheduled to complete training this December and that OpenAI expects it to achieve AGI," Chen tweeted on Monday. "Which means we will all hotly debate as to whether it actually achieves AGI. Which means...

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AI chatbots like Bing and ChatGPT are entrancing users, but they’re just autocomplete systems trained on our own stories about superintelligent AI. That makes them software — not sentient. In behavioral psychology, the mirror test is designed to discover animals’ capacity for self-awareness. There are a few variations of the test, but the essence is always the same: do animals recognize themselves in the mirror or think it’s another being altogether? Right now, humanity is being presented with its own mirror test thanks to the expanding capabilities of AI — and a lot of otherwise smart people are failing it.  Don’t be...

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We asked our AI Philosopher to evaluate and report on the moral, ethical and logical validity of the title statement, and to include its opinion on the statement as appropriate for life advice:   Here is the response   Evaluation Moral Validity The statement implies that everyone has some value, even if it is negative. It acknowledges human fallibility and the potential for individuals to make poor choices. However, it also carries a negative connotation, suggesting that the worth of a person can be reduced to a simple role as a cautionary tale. From a moral standpoint, this statement is...

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We asked GPT-4 to answer these questions on the famous Seneca religious quotation  "Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful. — Seneca"Provide an analysis of the morality of religion and any pitfalls or opportunities it may present to: the common people who believe it to be true, the wise who believe it to be false, and the rulers who think it useful. Which of these groups is most likely to benefit from religion and why? Which of these groups is most likely to suffer from religion and why?------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seneca's...

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To assess our approach, we evaluate the agent's ability to complete decision-making tasks in AlfWorld environments and knowledge-intensive, search-based question-and-answer tasks in HotPotQA environments. We observe success rates of 97% and 51%, respectively, and provide a discussion on the emergent property of self-reflection. Recent advancements in decision-making large language model (LLM) agents have demonstrated impressive performance across various benchmarks. However, these state-of-the-art approaches typically necessitate internal model fine-tuning, external model fine-tuning, or policy optimization over a defined state space. Implementing these methods can prove challenging due to the scarcity of high-quality training data or the lack of well-defined state space....

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