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Patreon: LinkedIn: Consulting: GitHub: Medium: Papers referenced: Language Models Represent Space and Time - Beyond Surface Statistics: Scene Representations in a Latent Diffusion Model - Emergent World Representations: Exploring a Sequence Model Trained on a Synthetic Task - Unveiling Theory of Mind in Large Language Models: A Parallel to Single Neurons in the Human Brain - Boosting Theory-of-Mind Performance in Large Language Models via Prompting - Tiny and Efficient Model for the Edge Detection Generalization - ART: Automatic multi-step reasoning and tool-use for large language models - Not referenced, but hilarious because Max Tegmark has the best paper titles: Omnigrok: Grokking Beyond Algorithmic Data -

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Keeping AI under control through mechanistic interpretability The Impact of chatGPT and other large language models on physics research and education (2023) Event organizers: Kevin Burdge, Joshua Borrow, Mark Vogelsberger Session 1: The computer science underlying large language models

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