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During the AMTA annual conference in Orlando, Translated presented research that quantifies the speed at which we are approaching singularity in AI using data that outlines quality improvements in machine translation. The company estimates about a tenfold increase in requests for professional translations and at least a 100 times increase in demand for MT. ROME, December 20, 2022 – For the first time ever, Translated, the leading global language services provider and pioneer of AI-powered localization services, quantified the speed at which we are approaching singularity in artificial intelligence (AI) – the point in time at which AI will equal human intelligence....

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AI chatbots like Bing and ChatGPT are entrancing users, but they’re just autocomplete systems trained on our own stories about superintelligent AI. That makes them software — not sentient. In behavioral psychology, the mirror test is designed to discover animals’ capacity for self-awareness. There are a few variations of the test, but the essence is always the same: do animals recognize themselves in the mirror or think it’s another being altogether? Right now, humanity is being presented with its own mirror test thanks to the expanding capabilities of AI — and a lot of otherwise smart people are failing it.  Don’t be...

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It seems to be harder than ever to get through to people logically. In fact, some of the smartest people have the most sophisticated psychological booby traps when it comes to heated subjects. In this video, we're going to break down why sometimes people won’t listen to reason even when they’re smart, and what techniques you can use to finally get through to someone who can’t listen to reason.       #BrokenBrains  #CognitiveDisonnance #BiasDetection#BiasCompensation  

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To harness our collective biologic and artificial knowledge and compensate for undesirable biases in organizations, we can follow a multi-faceted approach that combines various disciplines to create applications that foster ethical decision-making and maximize future opportunities. To use our collective knowledge of the natural and social sciences to detect and compensate for undesirable organizational thinking, social norms, and biases, and to develop applications that use best practices from various disciplines, we can follow a multi-disciplinary approach. By following this multi-step approach, organizations can tap into the collective knowledge of various disciplines, effectively address biases, and ethically maximize their future options...

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We asked our AI Philosopher to evaluate and report on the moral, ethical and logical validity of the title statement, and to include its opinion on the statement as appropriate for life advice:   Here is the response   Evaluation Moral Validity The statement implies that everyone has some value, even if it is negative. It acknowledges human fallibility and the potential for individuals to make poor choices. However, it also carries a negative connotation, suggesting that the worth of a person can be reduced to a simple role as a cautionary tale. From a moral standpoint, this statement is...

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