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This week marked the inaugural session of the Radical AI Founders Masterclass, featuring a dialogue between AI luminaries, Geoffrey Hinton and Fei-Fei Li. Held at the MaRS Discovery District auditorium in Toronto, the conversation was hosted by Jordan Jacobs, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Radical Ventures, to delve into the profound ethical landscapes, societal shifts, and the transformative potential of AI.

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  Geoffrey Hinton is considered a godfather of artificial intelligence, having championed machine learning decades before it became mainstream.   As chatbots like ChatGPT bring his work to widespread attention, we spoke to Hinton about the past, present and future of AI.   CBS Saturday Morning's Brook Silva-Braga interviewed him at the Vector Institute in Toronto on March 1, 2023. #ai #interview #artificialintelligence #GeoffreyHinton #machinelearning #future

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