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Jordan B Peterson, Morality -

Jordan Peterson shows how we ought to behave - as patrons for the future world we desire. He speaks on how relative morality leads to a society of chaos where truth, reality and fairness are absent.

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Artificial Cognition, Ethics, Morality, Philosophy, Religion, Singularity Ready -

In a world that is evolving at an unprecedented pace, religions will need to adapt and address various challenges to remain relevant and meaningful to their followers. With artificial intelligence (AI) expected to exceed the total collective intelligence  of humanity several orders of magnitude by  2050 ---- offering near omniscience to all.Religions will face several challenges from a secular perspective. Some of these challenges include: Reconciling faith and scientific knowledge: As AI and technology continue to advance our understanding of the universe, religions will need to find ways to integrate new scientific discoveries with their teachings. This may involve reinterpreting...

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