This technology will change AI (and us)

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This technology will change AI (and us) Organoid intelligence is an emerging field in computing and artificial intelligence. Earlier this year, an Australian startup Cortical Labs developed a cybernetic system made from human brain cells. They called it DishBrain and taught it to play Pong. The roots of this exciting technology go back 60 years. But while it's still novel today, it's already superior to conventional deep-learning AI in several aspects. However, it also poses new ethical and existential risks to humanity. Watch the video to explore how Organoid Intelligence might evolve over the next few decades and how it could fit into our lives. === You can find me on TikTok for short and punchy stories about emerging tech: === Additional reading and research references: • Organoid intelligence (OI): the new frontier in biocomputing and intelligence-in-a-dish : • In vitro neurons learn and exhibit sentience when embodied in a simulated game-world : • Neurons Embodied in a Virtual World: Evidence for Organoid Ethics? : • Biological Neurons vs Deep Reinforcement Learning: Sample efficiency in a simulated game-world : • If ‘DishBrain’ can learn to play Pong – what does this mean for science? : • Stem cells: a brief history and outlook: • Complex Oscillatory Waves Emerging from Cortical Organoids Model Early Human Brain Network Development : • The ethics of experimenting with human brain tissue: How a robotic system that grows human organoids can help save real live humans : • Someone just built microscopic robots from living cells, and it's Westworld-level creepy : • Cortical Labs raises $10M for its Pong-playing stem cells that eventually could power AI : Additional Youtube videos: • Growing mini brains to discover what makes us human | Madeline Lancaster | TEDxCERN : • Neurons in a dish learn to play Pong: • Making Brain Organoids: A Primer : • How to Grow Cerebral Organoids from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells : • Brain Organoids and Robotics / AI - Sanford Stem Cell Symposium : • Modeling Human Brain Structure and Function Using Cerebral Organoids with Madeline Lancaster : • The future of organoid intelligence | Frontiers Forum Deep Dive 2023 : This technology will change AI (and us)
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