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Misalignment, AI & Moloch | Daniel Schmachtenberger and Liv Boeree

AI, Daniel Schmachtenberger -

Misalignment, AI & Moloch | Daniel Schmachtenberger and Liv Boeree

A deep dive into the game theory and exponential growth underlying our modern economic system, and how recent advancements in AI are poised to turn up the pressure on that system, and its wider environment, in ways we have never seen before.



Not a conversation for the faint hearted, but crucial nonetheless. Daniel Schmachtenberger is a founding member of The Consilience Project, aimed at improving public sensemaking and dialogue around global catastrophic risks and technology.

This video is part of a series on game theory, civilizational risk, and Moloch: the God of unhealthy competition. It is the bad guy of humanity’s story, and time is running out for us to figure out how to defeat it.



00:00 Introduction

03:21 Moloch Framework

13:20 Meta Crisis

27:52 Bad People or Bad System?

32:13 Capitalism & Moloch

40:12 Misalignment

52:35 Incentive Pressures Driving Misalignment

58:02 Moloch Driving AI Development

01:01:54 AI Risks Pre AGI

01:08:35 AI Accelerates Existing Systemic Issues

01:16:39 Social Media

01:20:09 Alternative Goals

01:25:00 Cooperation on AI

01:29:20 Call to Action




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