MICROSOFT COPILOT: Is it worth the HYPE? [HONEST REVIEW] [2023 Preview]

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MICROSOFT COPILOT: Is it worth the HYPE? [HONEST REVIEW] [2023 Preview] Microsoft COPILOT is a GAME CHANGER! Or is it...??? Tune in to hear me share all of my thoughts and experiences with Copilot and how GOOD IT ACTUALLY IS. Microsoft calls Copilot the best productivity tool on the planet but be sure to watch so you can answer that yourself! ❗️FOLLOW ME on LinkedIn❗️ This video is going to walk you through : 1️⃣ What are my honest thoughts on Copilot? 2️⃣ What are some ways to use Copilot TODAY? 3️⃣ What are some of Copilot’s strengths? 4️⃣ What are some of Copilot’s shortcomings? 💥Check out the written post here for more info: 💥Check out these Microsoft Copilot Videos: 💥Check out the Microsoft Copilot Adoption Webpage: 💥Check out this Microsoft blog post on how Copilot is changing how Developers work in the Power Platform: 💙Welcome to the Citizen Developer Channel💙 This channel's mission is to help guide, teach, discuss, and share valuable and meaningful content for Citizen (Non-technical) Developers around the world. With a current focus that will cover a broad range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 topics from Detailed How-To or Step-by-Step Guides, Best Practices for Builders, Certification Exams, and MORE! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss a thing! ❓Looking for Gear❓ ⭐️Check out the LINK HERE⭐️ Desk Setup: ⚡️Office Chair: ⚡️Sit Stand Desk: ⚡️Lenovo ThinkPad Docking Station: Sound Bar Speaker: ⚡️Desk Shelf: Monitor Arms: Headphone Mount: Desk Organizer: ⚡️Mouse (Model D Wireless): ⚡️Keyboard (GMMK Pro): Keyboard Cable: Keyboard Keycaps: Keyboard Switches: Computer Hardware: ⚡️Case: ⚡️CPU: CPU Cooler: Motherboard: RAM: PSU: Recording Equipment: Softbox Lighting Kit: Microphone: Tripod: Other: Handy Tech Tool Set: Cable Management Supplies: Handheld Vacuum: USB C Connectors: Oculus VR Stand: MICROSOFT COPILOT: Is it worth the HYPE? [HONEST REVIEW] [2023 Preview]
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