Making Chat (ro)Bots

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Making Chat (ro)Bots We created a robot tour guide using Spot integrated with Chat GPT and other AI models as a proof of concept for the robotics applications of foundational models. Learn more: Project Team: Matt Klingensmith Michael Macdonald Radhika Agarwal Chris Allum Rosalind Shinkle #BostonDynamics #chatgpt 00:00: Introduction 01:08: Making Chat (ro)Bots 01:39: Precious Metal Cowgirl 02:38: A Robot Tour Guide 03:07: How does it work? 04:19: Shakespearean Time Traveler 04:36: Creating Personalities 04:54: "Josh" 05:23: Lateral Thinking 06:03: Teenage Robot 06:43: Nature Documentary 07:32: What's next? Making Chat (ro)Bots
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