Groundbreaking Discoveries About Human Brain and Neuronal Complexity

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Groundbreaking Discoveries About Human Brain and Neuronal Complexity Get a Wonderful Person Tee: More cool designs are on Amazon: Alternatively, PayPal donations can be sent here: Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about recent discoveries about human brain and various types of neuronal cells Links: Previous video on major discoveries: More about Neanderthals: #brain #neuron #neuroscience 0:00 Recent papers on the human brain 1:00 Human brain atlas and 3000 new types of cells 2:00 What was this collaboration for? 2:40 Unexpected complexity of cells in certain brain parts 4:00 Are there a lot of individual differences? Yes! 4:40 Physical structure appears same across species 5:10 Genetic activity is very different though 5:35 Human disorders are unique to humans 6:30 Unusual layers protecting the brain - SLYM 7:38 Axons turned out to be more unusual, especially in other species 9:35 Shape of the brain suggests apes and humans are similar only until adolescence 12:15 Hippocampus in humans is unique focusing on vision...explaining art? 13:48 New memory cell discovered 15:45 Limitations Support this channel on Patreon to help me make this a full time job: Bitcoin/Ethereum to spare? Donate them here to help this channel grow! bc1qnkl3nk0zt7w0xzrgur9pnkcduj7a3xxllcn7d4 or ETH: 0x60f088B10b03115405d313f964BeA93eF0Bd3DbF Space Engine is available for free here: Enjoy and please subscribe. Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: The hardware used to record these videos: New Camera: CPU: Video Card: Motherboard: RAM: PSU: Case: Microphone: Mixer: Recording and Editing: Some of the above are affiliate links, meaning I would get a (very small) percentage of the price paid. Thank you to all Patreon supporters of this channel Special thanks also goes to all the wonderful supporters of the channel through YouTube Memberships Images/Videos: KAROLINSKA INSTITUTE WITH THE ALLEN INSTITUTE FOR BRAIN SCIENCE BruceBlaus CC BY 3.0 Polygon data were generated by Database Center for Life Science(DBCLS) CC-BY-SA-2.1 GerryShaw CC BY-SA 3.0 The Conversation Marshall Dalton/ University of Sydney Dchordpdx CC BY 4.0 Geyer S, Weiss M, Reimann K, Lohmann G and Turner R CC BY 4.0 Jan Edmiston CC BY 4.0 NIH CC BY 4.0 Licenses used: Groundbreaking Discoveries About Human Brain and Neuronal Complexity
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