GPT 4 is Smarter than You Think: Introducing SmartGPT

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GPT 4 is Smarter than You Think: Introducing SmartGPT

 In this video, I will not only show you how to get smarter results from GPT 4 yourself, I will also showcase SmartGPT, a system which I believe, with evidence, might help beat MMLU state of the art benchmarks.

This should serve as your ultimate guide for boosting the automatic technical performance of GPT 4, without even needing few shot exemplars.

The video will cover papers published in the last 72 hours, like Automatically Discovered Chain of Thought, which beats even 'Let's think Step by Step' and the approach that combines it all. Yes, the video also touches on the OpenAI DeepLearning Prompt Engineering Course but the highlights come more from my own experiments using the MMLU benchmark, and drawing upon insights from the recent Boosting Theory of Mind, and Let’s Work This Out Step By Step, and combining it with Reflexion and Dialogue Enabled Resolving Agents.



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