ChatGPT + Blender Is BLOWING my mind!

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ChatGPT + Blender Is BLOWING my mind! Check out the Revopoint Miraco 3D Scanner on Kickstarter: Join my Discord Server: Target Light Add-on: Cyc Wall Object Add-on: --------------------------------------- It happened AGAIN. I tried learning something I didn't know much about the usual way, by googling, and it was a frustrating process. Then I asked ChatGPT and got the answers I was looking for immediately! And besides just learning Blender, ChatGPT also helped me create two Add-ons that make lighting scenes SO much easier! I now have a Target Light option in my lights menu and a Cyc Wall object in the Mesh menu. Each Add-on has custom controls that help you light a scene and create a seamless backdrop for your models. In this video, I'll tell the story of how I used ChatGPT to learn Blender and make my lighting process so much faster. --------------------------------------- 🤝 Support more YouTube tutorials through Patreon: 🎓 Learn from me in other places: Skillshare: Explainer Camp: Photoshop + Illustrator Unleashed: 🚶 Follow me online: Instagram: Twitter: 🏷️ Tag me on Instagram @jakeinmotion if you learned something from me! Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:39 I have a Discord server! 01:17 The backstory 03:34 Using ChatGPT to learn Blender 04:21 Does ChatGPT know Python? 05:02 The Target Light 05:55 Miraco 3D Scanner 07:31 Building a Cyc Object 09:46 Thanks for watching! ChatGPT + Blender Is BLOWING my mind!
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