AI Football Commentator ⚽ GPT-4 Vision & TTS in Action! 🤯 CRAZY!! (FULL Tutorial) 🤖🚀

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AI Football Commentator ⚽ GPT-4 Vision & TTS in Action! 🤯 CRAZY!! (FULL Tutorial) 🤖🚀 🚀 Unlock the Power of AI! | 🤯 Experience Incredible AI Commentaries for Football! 🏈 Welcome to a mind-blowing tutorial where technology meets sports! If you're passionate about football and innovation, this video is a game-changer for you! 👓 Benefits of Watching: Learn how to create your own style of AI football commentary. Discover how AI can enhance experiences for the visually impaired. Understand how to combine OpenAI's Vision API and Text-to-Speech (TTS) for dynamic video content. Step-by-step guide on processing video frames with Python. See how text is transformed into speech, and then merged with video for a compelling result. 🕒 Timestamps: 0:00 - Introduction to AI Football Commentary 0:09 - Benefits for Visually Challenged Individuals 0:32 - Overview of OpenAI's Vision API and TTS 1:02 - Importing Libraries and Initializing OpenAI Client 1:13 - Processing Video Frames with CV2 2:08 - Converting Video to Text with Vision API 2:25 - Converting Text to Speech 3:11 - Merging Audio with Video for Final Output 4:15 - Final Demonstration of AI Commentary GPT-4 Vision API Video: Whisper API: ChatGPT Tutorials Playlist: ChatGPT Beginners Guide: GPT-4 Turbo: GPT-4 Seed: GPT-4 JSON: ChatGPT Text to Speech API: Dall-e 3 API: GPT-4 Vision API Image: GPT-4 Assistants API + Python: GPT-4 Assistants API +Node: Code: GPT-4 Vision API: GPT-4 Vision API empowers developers to enhance applications with the ability to understand and describe images. It supports image inputs via URLs or base64 encoding, working alongside textual data within the same model. The GPT-4 Vision, or GPT-4V, doesn't compromise text processing for visual understanding; instead, it augments the existing language model with visual capabilities, offering a multi-modal AI experience. This API is accessible through the Chat Completions API, though not yet via the Assistants API. Its current iteration excels at general questions about images but has limitations in spatial reasoning within images. It represents a significant leap in AI, expanding the horizons for creative and practical AI applications. GPT-4 Text to Speech (TTS) transforms written text into spoken words using advanced AI models. It allows: Narration of written content. Creation of spoken audio in various languages. Real-time audio streaming. Selection from six built-in voices. #ChatGPTVisionAPI, #GPT4Vision, #GPT4V, #imagerecognition, #OpenAI, #AIintegration, #visualunderstanding, #GPT4withvision, #gpt4visionpreview, #chatgpt, #texttospeech, #python, #api, #openai, #tts, #mp3, #audio, #streaming, #ai, #artificialintelligence, #voicegeneration, #AI #Football #Commentary #Tutorial #VisionAPI #TextToSpeech #OpenAI #Python #Code #CV2 #Technology #Sports #Innovation #VideoProcessing #Audio #Speech #Narration #BlindAccessibility #computervision AI Football Commentator ⚽ GPT-4 Vision & TTS in Action! 🤯 CRAZY!! (FULL Tutorial) 🤖🚀
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