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This is the BEST and most complete deep dive on the financial models for Tesla’s 11 major business units! James from InvestAnswers comes with data and analysis of the seasonality of Tesla stock showing its volatile movement as it compares to the macro economy and the S and P 500. Together we adjust the assumptions and metrics in his dynamic financial model. Come join us! The spreadsheet used in the video will be made available to everyone once James finalizes it first James runs a very successful YouTube channel called InvestAnswers where he shares insights on financial freedom, real estate, crypto, stocks, and options.

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Tesla's success and potential for "Total Domination" in the automotive industry is driven by their advanced technology and their ability to revolutionize vehicle production Questions to inspire discussion What is the analyst's best idea for 2024 regarding Tesla's stock? —The analyst's best idea for 2024 is to short Tesla's stock, despite the risky and historically unsuccessful nature of such a bet. What has been the trend in Tesla's sales volume since 2019? —Tesla's sales volume has more than quadrupled since 2019, disproving claims of weakness in the company's sales and demand. What is causing pressure on the sales of large...

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Tesla is making progress with the Cybertruck orders, expanding its factory in Shanghai, and facing pressure from unions, while also planning a special holiday update for its vehicles Questions to inspire discussion What are the details on the Cybertruck? —The Cybertruck will start at $122,000 and have options for dual motor all-wheel drive or tri motor cyberbeast for an additional cost. When are the Cybertruck deliveries estimated? —Deliveries for the all-wheel drive are estimated for December to March, with the Cyber Beast estimated for early 2024. What updates are included in the holiday software update for Tesla vehicles? —The holiday...

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