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A Story of a Lost Cat and a Lost Mind: ______________________________________________________________________________________ In this video, I discuss the concept of Integrated Intelligence, which is the ability to tap into the extended mind and its intuitive capacities to solve problems effectively. This form of intelligence connects us with the environment, other consciousness fields, and transcendent realms, going beyond the confines of our physical brain. I argue that human consciousness is not limited to the brain and body, but is part of a larger, non-local field of information.

This idea, present in various cultures and philosophies throughout history, suggests that we are connected to a cosmic supercomputer, waiting to be activated. I'll take you through seven key modalities and two outcomes of using Integrated Intelligence. These modalities include Connection, Location, Diagnosis, Recognition, Foresense, Evaluation, and Inspiration. Each of these represents a unique cognitive function that integrated intelligence potentially enables. I'll share real-life examples demonstrating these functions in action, illustrating the incredible potential that lies within each of us. Moreover, the two significant outcomes of consistently applying Integrated Intelligence are Wisdom and Personal Transformation. This application can lead to a profound shift in consciousness, embodying your Authentic Self and elevating your wisdom and intelligence. This exploration is part of my ongoing series, "Power and Presence," where I delve into such fascinating concepts. Integrated Intelligence, while not recognized in mainstream intelligence tests, has been an integral part of human capability for thousands of years. In this video, I aim to enlighten and inspire you to tap into this extraordinary intelligence, urging you to think deeply about your own potential and the future that awaits us all. Remember, this is just a glimpse into the concept of Integrated Intelligence. There's much more to explore, so don't forget to like and subscribe for more insights into the power of the human mind and its role in shaping our deep futures. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discover Your Soul Template Book: Marcus T Anthony's latest book release - "Power and Presence": ____________________________________ #PowerandPresence #MarcusTAnthony

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