How to stop being manipulated by women

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How to stop being manipulated by women

Having clear boundaries and not tolerating disrespectful behavior is essential for attracting and maintaining a healthy relationship with a high-value partner 

Questions to inspire discussion 

  • Why are clear boundaries important in a relationship?

    Clear boundaries are important because they help establish mutual respect and create a healthy dynamic in the relationship.

  • How can I attract a high-value partner?

    By having clear boundaries and not tolerating disrespectful behavior, you can attract a high-value partner who respects and values you.

  • What is the significance of not tolerating disrespectful behavior?

    Not tolerating disrespectful behavior shows self-respect and communicates to your partner that you deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

  • How can I maintain a healthy relationship?

    Maintaining a healthy relationship involves consistently enforcing your boundaries and addressing any disrespectful behavior that arises.

  • What are the benefits of having clear boundaries?

    Having clear boundaries can lead to a more fulfilling and respectful relationship, as well as a greater sense of self-worth and empowerment.


Key Insights

  • 💔 "The reality is a lot of men will say she lied to me. In the beginning she was so good. She was so good she lied to me."
  • 🚩 Women will show their red flags in not so clear ways, such as through their behavior, dress, or how they talk about their ex.
  • 🧔 A man with clear boundaries can only be with a woman who doesn't have many red flags, creating a perfect match.
  • 💔 Women can push boundaries and disrespect a man who is in awe of her beauty, seeing it as a power play.
  • 🚫 "Men who desire and focus on keeping the peace at the expense of keeping the respect are always going to lose that woman."
  • 🚫 If she continues to break your boundaries after you've communicated it, remove yourself instead of repeating yourself and trying to get her to understand and respect you.
  • 🔒 The need to earn love and beg for respect from women may stem from inconsistent love in childhood, leading to a pattern of seeking unacceptable behavior in adulthood.
  • 🌟 Have your boundaries and repercussions for crossing them, rather than rewards for being disrespectful, to attract and secure a better value woman and become a better value man.


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  • 00:00 🚫 Women may not always tell the truth, but they always show their true colors, so if you keep getting hurt, used, or disrespected by women, there are reasons for it and ways to prevent it.
    • 01:02 🚩 Women will show red flags in subtle ways, such as through their behavior, dress, or attitude towards their exes, and if you ignore these signs, you will likely be manipulated.
      • 02:02 🚩 Women with red flags will manipulate men with low self-esteem, while men with clear boundaries will only be with women who don't have many red flags.
        • 02:45 🚫 Men with low self-esteem who value connection over respect are easily manipulated and disrespected by women who see their admiration as a power play.
          • 03:57 🚫 Low self-esteem in men leads to manipulation by women who use their looks and lack of boundaries to control the relationship.
            • 05:02 🚫 Set clear boundaries with women and remove yourself if they continue to disrespect them, do not reward bad behavior.
              • 06:27 🚫 Inconsistent love in childhood can lead to seeking validation and acceptance from women in adulthood, but recognizing this pattern and breaking the habit is crucial.
                • 07:32 🚫 Don't tolerate disrespect from women, set boundaries and expect repercussions for crossing them to attract and secure a better partner.


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