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George TheTinMen is a content creator, pro-men’s advocate and social media influencer.

Men's mental health is in the toilet. 80% of 18-24 year old suicides are men. 15% of men say they have 0 close friends to call on in an emergency.

So why does it seem like the world doesn't care and just thinks that men are still the benefactors of a patriarchy they no longer feel a part of? 

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The world is so filled with different things to worry about. However, because loners have decided to choose freedom from association, they are free from several worries. This is why when loners are out, they tend to be more productive and seem to be happier than other people in general. They are happier because they have fewer things to worry about. They have taken the high road that is almost void of worries. This doesn't mean they don't get worried at all, but it means they have a higher tendency to not get worried about several things other people will worry about. Stay tuned as we discuss some ten things loners will never worry themselves about. 👑 WATCH NEXT: - 7 Signs You're BORN to be Lone Wolf Sigma Male | Loner - 7 Odd Behaviours of Highly Intelligent Men - x20 Your TESTOSTERONE Levels With Daily Habits Of High Value Men 👑 BECOME A MEMBER OF SIGMA MENTALITY COMMUNITY! 👑 🤝 We will show our appreciation by giving you: ⭐ Badges for loyalty next to your nickname! ⚔️ Custom emojis that you can use in our comment section! 🗳️ Members-only polls; ✍️ Members-only community posts; 🗣️ Shout outs; ↩️ Priority comment replies & more! By supporting us, you will help us to create more awesome content for you! 👑 Join Here: 💪 Show your Support using SUPER THANKS if you enjoy my content! 👑 Thank you KINGS & QUEENS 👑 💪 Sigma Male - The Rarest Man On Earth. 👊 Do you think you are a Sigma Male? Comment bellow! 🔔 Consider Subscribing If You Enjoy Our Content! 🔔 #Sigmamale #Sigma #lonewolf #loner #masculinity #intelligence Some product or service links are affiliate links. That means if you purchase something, I will receive a small commission.

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Adeel Khan, Mental Health -

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down in-person with longevity and chronic pain expert, Dr. Adeel Khan. They discuss how Adeel helped treat Dr. Peterson and his wife Tammy for chronic pain, how gene-editing via stem cells will be the inevitable future of medicine, the doomed nature of restriction based dieting, the physiological basis behind depression, and the current state of research giving new insights into longevity. Dr. Adeel Khan completed his MD at the University of Ottawa in Canada. After training in sports medicine and interventional pain, he specialized in regenerative medicine. He co-founded Xalt and is the Chief Scientific Officer of Science & Humans. He is also the chief medical officer for Minicircle, the world’s first reversible gene therapy. He has a special interest in using interventional procedures to treat weightlifting injuries, as well as chronic neck and back pain. Dr. Khan also teaches medical students and residents, and is an Assistant Clinical Professor at University of Toronto. Dr. Peterson's extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+: This episode was recorded on Dec 29th, 2023. - Sponsor - Exodus90: Is it time for your Exodus? Find resources to prepare at - Links - The tour details can be found here - For Dr. Adeel Khan: On Instagram On TikTok Learn more about Dr. Khan's clinic Eterna Health and the services we offer here Find out how to attend our upcoming anti-aging/longevity conference Unlock Longevity in Austin, TX on Feb. 24, 2024 here - Chapters - (0:00) Promo (0:40) Coming up (1:01) Intro (2:43) Treating Tammy and Jordan (4:30) Using ultrasounds to diagnose (5:24) Using AI to combat MS and other autoimmune diseases (7:47) Exosomes and Stem cells (10:58) What’s the difference between a Stem cell and a cancer cell? (15:30) Why MS is so tricky (17:53) Junk DNA and blind fruit flies (19:11) Regenerative medicine versus standard medicine (22:41) How we will treat cancer (23:35) Why is there a 10 year lag? (31:24) How Dr. Khan entered the field of regenerative medicine (33:09) The Temple of Asclepius, how we’re going to look back on this era of medicine (36:13) Why behavioral changes are nearly impossible for most people, social determinism (38:13) Why most diets fail, and how eating disorders form (40:00) Disillusioned in medical school, “medicine is more than giving pills to people” (43:42) Learning to read like a scientist (47:23) People do not understand this (48:01) On the forefront, what Dr. Khan is doing now (51:30) Fake Stem cell clinics, the Pareto principle (52:24) Why trust Dr. Khan? (54:38) Osteoarthritis, each stage and how we treat them (56:53) Successes in treatment (58:15) Fixing the gut microbiome, what children are missing if born via C-section (1:01:03) “There isn’t any such thing as depression” (1:05:24) Physiological depression (1:09:16) Treating veterans with a 5-minute procedure (1:12:14) Positive feedback loops in health (1:13:26) Inclusion and exclusion criteria (1:14:19) Personality testing, psilocybin experiences and changes (1:17:53) Multimodal intervention, the hallmarks of aging (1:23:21) Fasting and longevity (1:25:21) The problem with CRISPR (1:25:56) Tissue engineering (1:28:48) Balancing the business with the cause (1:29:33) Toxic mold, Dr. Peterson's next treatment (1:32:33) If interested in these treatments and research, check out these podcasts (1:33:46) Medicine 4.0 // LINKS // All socials: Website: Events: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Telegram: Newsletter: // COURSES // Discovering Personality: Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself (personality test): // BOOKS // Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: #JordanPeterson #JordanBPeterson #DrJordanPeterson #DrJordanBPeterson #DailyWirePlus

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Lesley Timbol, Mental Health -

Mental Iron Episode #97: My 2 Christmas Gifts For You Happy Holidays everyone! “Tis the season to be jolly …and if you’re not feeling happy about it, this video is ESPECIALLY for you!

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Chris Willamson, Louise Perry -

The pressure for women to receive compliments on their selfies can impact their mental health Questions to inspire discussion  Why do women post selfies? —Women post selfies for validation and support from other women, seeking the same validation in return. How do luxury goods relate to women's mental health? —Women buy luxury goods as a signal of their mate's investment and to compete intersexually, which can impact their mental health. What influences women's struggle with mental health? —The pressure to maintain a youthful appearance to attract men and intersexual competition to appear high status are contributing factors. How does intersexual...

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