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Gender ideology and the concept of transgenderism are based on subjective and ever-changing definitions, leading to confusion and conflict in society  Questions to inspire discussion  What is the debate about transgenderism? —The debate revolves around the understanding of biological sex and the concept of gender identity, leading to confrontations and conflicting viewpoints. What is the difference between feminine and female identities? —The discussion involves the distinction between societal expectations and biological characteristics, with trans individuals challenging traditional definitions. What are the causes of gender dysphoria? —The causes are widely debated, with some attributing it to emotional distress, societal pressures, and...

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Jordan B Peterson, Masculinity, Modern feminism, Toxic Masculinity -

Jordan Peterson Leaves WOKE Feminist COMPLETELY SPEECHLESS On Toxic Masculinity!

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Bill Maher, Cancel Culture, Censorship, Free speech, Greg Lukianoff, Relationships, Universities -

FIRE president Greg Lukianoff joins Bill Maher to discuss the standard for free expression on college campuses.

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Disney, Elon Musk, Entertainment, Matt Walsh, Woke Ideology -

Elon Musk is boldly challenging corporate advertisers and their attempts to control Twitter's censorship policies, and is moving towards a subscription model to reduce reliance on advertising revenue Questions to inspire discussion  What did Elon Musk say at the New York Times Dealbook Summit? —Elon Musk made unprecedented and newsworthy remarks, breaking the usual pattern of carefully choreographed language at business events. What is Elon Musk's stance on the ongoing advertiser boycott of Twitter? —Elon Musk did not address the ongoing advertiser boycott of Twitter and instead clarified his previous statements. What is Elon Musk's plan for Twitter's revenue model?...

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Britt Mayer, Elon Musk, Entertainment, Jeremy Boreing, Megyn Kelly, Woke Ideology -

Megyn Kelly is joined by Jeremy Boreing, co-CEO of The Daily Wire and director of "Lady Ballers," to talk about Elon Musk standing strong against brands pressured to leave X, the virtue signaling of the left, Musk fighting for free speech, Disney's brand faltering and failing, the opportunity to bring children's programming devoid of woke values,

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