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Roxanne Tickle, a transgender woman from NSW, is suing the women-only social media app Giggle for Girls after she was blocked from using the platform. The case means the Federal Court will decide a 'what a woman is' in Australia. Columnist Parnell McGuinness explains. #TickleVGiggle #Courts #GiggleForGirls

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Julie Bindel speaks to Sall Grover, CEO of the women only app Giggle which has been taken to federal court in Australia. Roxy Tickle – a biological male who identifies as a woman – alleges that they were discriminated against after being removed from the app. It is a landmark legal case which could have implications for the sanctity of female only spaces and for women's rights around the world.

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Single-sex schools will be allowed to reject transgender applicants of the opposite biological sex, government guidelines are expected to say. It would protect girls’ schools if they refused a place to a boy identifying as female and the same would apply for girls identifying as male wanting to join boys’ schools. Two guests that joined Vanessa Feltz also clashed over the use of pronouns. The Department for Education was ordered by Rishi Sunak to speed up long-awaited guidance on the subject. It has been working with the office of Kemi Badenoch, the equalities minister. Click here for more from TalkTV

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Piers Morgan Uncensored guest presented by Rosanna Lockwood is joined by social media influencer Oli London, LGBTQ+ activist Peter Thatchell, comedian and radio presenter James Barr and co-founder of LGB Alliance Bev Jackson to debate the ongoing discussion of whether lesbian, gay and bi-sexual should be separate from gender identity such as transgenderism.

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JK Rowling is on a mission to stand up to the trans agenda. The author of the iconic Harry Potter series and darling of the literary world has come under fire in recent years for refusing to give lip service to the woke trans agenda.

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