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Tesla's FSD V12 impresses drivers with its advanced navigation and decision-making capabilities, including navigating complex driving situations and making unexpected decisions Questions to inspire discussion What is Tesla's FSD V12? —Tesla's FSD V12 is the latest version of their Full Self-Driving software, which includes advanced navigation and decision-making capabilities for autonomous driving. How does Tesla's FSD V12 navigate complex driving situations? —Tesla's FSD V12 uses advanced algorithms and sensors to navigate complex driving situations, such as merging onto highways and navigating through construction zones. What unexpected decisions can Tesla's FSD V12 make? —Tesla's FSD V12 is capable of making unexpected...

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FSD v12 shows promise in navigating city traffic but still has issues with handling complex and unpredictable urban traffic conditions, requiring extensive testing and caution from users Questions to inspire discussion What are the issues with FSD v12 in city traffic? —The FSD v12 has issues with turning, lane selection, speed limit recognition, and GPS accuracy in city traffic conditions, requiring extensive testing and caution from users. What challenges does FSD v12 face in NYC? —FSD v12 struggles with lane adjustments in tunnels, poor GPS accuracy, and difficulty in predicting pedestrian behavior in NYC traffic conditions. What caution should users...

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Join us as we head out on our first night drive with Tesla FSD Beta 12.3. V12 seems pretty confident in the night and rain. Encountered emergency lights on freeway and Tesla slowed down for it beautifully. Excited to see what comes next with more neural net training!!. Even the wiper action is much improved!!

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